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Wedding Photo Album Or Consumer Wedding Photo Book?

Posted by on November 8, 2014

album vs consumer photo bookPhotos of your big day are as important to your wedding photographer as they are to you. Some wedding photographers are so involved in their job that they don’t think that it is someone else’s event and just pour their soul in the work, like Yannis Larios, the Santorini Greece wedding photographer, whose work has made presence in international magazines, in interiors as well as at a variety of publications. He makes you know how precious you are and doesn’t make you pretend what you are not. That’s why the photos become outstanding and you feel like cherishing them for life in form of a wedding album. But don’t you want to know about which photo book you should choose so as to cherish your memories in a true sense? Here are some tips.

There are various consumer photo books out there from which you have to choose and decide cleverly, after knowing the difference between a consumer photo book and a professional wedding album. A professional photo album is much more than just a thing holding your photos. It is a tailored book created to retell the moments of the most beautiful day of your life.

Here are some defining qualities of a professional wedding photo album.

Layflat Opening

Almost all professional wedding albums open totally flat, enabling you to see the page spreading in its entirety. This also makes sure that pages are not bent accidentally as you flip from page to page.

Strong Binding

The binding holds album’s pages together. In a professional wedding photo album, the binding is very securely designed to stand daily use. On the contrary, consumer albums mostly have weak binding making pages fall out sooner or later.

strong binding

Photographic Prints

Most consumer photo books make use of “press printing” method to print the pages. While that may seem okay from a distance, a closer glance will show that photos and colors are not delivered their potential. Professional albums on the other hand use either photo-quality printing or real photographic paper, to create their pages.

Thicker Pages

Thicker pages and sturdy cover make professional albums relatively more expensive than consumer albums. But just like the strong binding, this quality too enables professional albums to pass from generation to generation without any damage.

thick pages

Made to Order

One of the great qualities of professional wedding album is its ability to custom design your liking of album, right from the cover material and size to the design. Thus each of these albums is indeed unique and reflects your true personality.

Therefore, you will need to choose between a professional wedding album or a consumer photo book as per your own liking and budget. After all, you should find a correct way to treasure those sweet memories.