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Wedding Prep is a Blessing in Disguise

Posted by on March 18, 2012

Waiting with uncertainty, majority of us do it. It is not difficult to fall into a routine and become contended. When it is the matter of your client’s event date, the last thing you may do is fall into a routine, you have to be ready for everything. Some of the things can you can do to prepare for an even to make sure that everything goes on smoothly are as follows:

Batteries: It may be new charged batteries, just regular batteries or new batteries. Apart from your memory card these are also very important and most easily neglected about part of your camera bad and it can bring the whole event or occasion to an exclaiming halt. It is always good to be ready for an event by making sure that all the flashes have new batteries, make sure you have new batteries, check and test them. Test your device once you load the new batteries and keep plenty of spares. Make sure you keep enough in your bag for three battery changes just in case. Charge your camera batteries the night before in advance and made sure everything is working before you leave. You don’t want a any surprises when you reach there.

Memory cards: Those small technology wonders can actually put a hold in your style if you switch on your camera before the event of your client to find the images from the event of the past weekend are still on the card and you forgot to upload them on your computer. You can’t delete them and you don’t have abundant space for the images for the present event. That will ruin the event and you want to avoid recording the complete wedding in low resolution. Make sure to check your cards always in advance at least a night before and make sure that any pictures on it have been transferred to your desktop and make sure that you do the formatting of your cards before the event. You should have a clean slate for the event of your client. Always bring spares even if you have enough space. You never know when you may come across complications or problems with your memory card.